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Your travel guide to Georgia


Situated in the southwest on the shores of the Black Sea is the beautiful, subtropical city of Batumi. Tourists who travel to Batumi Georgia admire this exotic-looking city, with its palm trees waving in the breeze, blue skies, and golden sunshine. There are lovely magnolia trees scenting the air with their sweet-fragranced flowers. Oleander trees sparkle with brightly – colored flowers of red, white, orange, yellow and pink. The air of the city is also fragrant with the citrus scent of flowering lemon and orange trees. This flowering and fragrant border town is both an old trading post and a modern industrial city. An indisputable highlight of the tour of Georgia is the stunning botanical gardens in Batumi. The city is also the home of a wonderful dolphinarium, of which the local citizens are quite proud. In Batumi tourists will find a great variety of other entertainment facilities.

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