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Bangkok, capital of Thailand and one of Asia's most dynamic cities, offers surprises at every turn. Gleaming skyscrapers, glittering temples, colourful street markets, sophisticated shopping malls, bustling nightlife, all jumbled together in a completely wild and exotic atmosphere. It is cheap while at the same time providing excellent standards. That goes for food as well as for accommodation.

Bangkok can soothe or ruffle, depending upon your circumstances. A collage of urban squalor, gleaming affluence, abject poverty, exotic consumerism and astounding pollution, it's a city that engulfs the senses.

Bangkok is an exciting city with hotels that offer real value for money. Whether you are a pasha who requires 5 star luxury, a student traveller looking for a guesthouse or a businessman on an expense account, Bangkok offers rock bottom prices in every hotel category. Most international hotel brands are represented-Four Seasons, Swissotel, Crowne Plaza, Peninsula, JW Marriott-but at significantly lower prices than their sister properties in Western cities.Visit this website for further information about Bangkok

As a booming, modern metropolis of 9 million people, Bangkok still manages to retain its unique Siamese heritage in the wonderful food, culture, exotic architecture, Buddhist tolerance and friendly Thai hospitality. The new 'Skytrain' a symbol of Bangkok's rapid development provides not only a convenient way to get around the main areas, but also some great views over a capital in constant change.

Bangkok's temples are some of the finest in all of Asia. If you're contemplating the sunrise at Wat Arun temple along the Chao Praya River, you'll marvel at what peace can be found in the midst of such a frenzied city. Without a doubt, it is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. A trip to Thailand would not be complete without at least one visit.

You don't need to travel deep into Bangkok to find modern civilization giving way to historical treasures. The Grand Palace is the most famous structure in all of Thailand with its spectacular roof lines, extensive murals, and extravagant ornamentation. It is also home to Thailand's national treasure - The Emerald Buddha. It is a living monument where people go to pay homage to the Buddha and their King. But there is also a different side of Bangkok, the world where the real Thai lives, like the green area, slumps and little markets.

The National Museum houses an extensive collection of Thai art and artefacts from Neolithic times forward and is the largest museum in Southeast Asia.

The Erawan Shrine, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel offers a glimpse of the old rituals manifested in daily life. Built by the hotel for good luck, the modest little shrine has become a Buddhist Mecca due to the miracles attributed to the goddess at this site. The shrine is one of the best places to see traditional religious dances in some early mornings.

Performances of traditional dances take place at the Thai Cultural Centre, a polished modern venue.

Entertainment is plentiful, and shopping a pleasure. The floating markets are a photographer's dream and one can take a boat trip up the Chao Praya River that runs through the heart of the city.